Blog entries on events and updates related to [necrocities]

[auto pilot]

AP is up and running! Kinda. The Auto Pilot, is a playlist of videos to watch while the stream's down. Ideally, I wanted a button to switch between AP and the Stream on a whim, but it proved to be difficult implementing. So long story short, it's hosted over here on CyTube. There's a button near the header title of the stream now that takes you to it too. Hopefully I can find a more integrated and elegant way to implement AP into the site. But for now, I hope you enjoy watching stupid memes on AP! If you have any silly videos you'd like to throw in, email me at thevincentexperiencebb@gmail.com

[we're live]

So the website is up and running for the most part, finally. There's a few features I still intend to implement, like an autopilot playlist of random videos that play when the stream is offline. But from here on out, it's just chilling out, having fun streaming, spreading the word, and slowly adding updates to the site.