Flesh Melting Salon

I was working with my family at a old fashioned salon. Very Japanese or Chinese in it's look. I was the newbie, so I made sure to pay attention to what everyone else was doing.

Everyone was just massaging and rubbing in ointments, serums, creams, and oils. Fairly easy stuff, just gotta learn the right techniques.

When it was my turn to get behind the wheel, my customer looked like a very rich handsome kind of guy. Think of Jack from Boy meets World.

I did my thing, and tried to replicate what I saw the best I could. One step required applying a serum to their face, and leaving it on for like 5 minutes. It then foams and tingles a bit.

So I put it on the guy, and he says it kind of burns. I say "Oh, like a BURN burn, or just a tingle? Because feeling a little burn is normal.". He sets the worry aside, and we go on.

Except me being the paranoid fuck I am, I started getting second doubts. So did my family when I quickly checked with them. Better safe than sorry, so I wipe the serum off of his face, and I have no idea

how I didn't notice this before, but I was somehow burning away all of his flesh. I guess the last serum was just the nail in the coffin.

All his flesh, skin, eyes, blood, hair, etc, was gone. His head was just this dark fleshy toned, dry, almost misshapen skull. Dark hollowed eye sockets... It looked very fragile.

His temples were hollowed out, and I could see shriveled, dark, dry innards inside of his head. Pretty sure it was his brain. Dunno what else it could've been.

It looked more like the skull of an alien, than a human. Like an alien skull made out of dark, weathered, and dry peanut brittle.

I was just in complete shock. I just stared at him and was thinking, holy shit, what the fuck.

Surprisingly enough, the man seemed only mildly concerned. He was very polite, and talked about it as if he hadn't seen how bad it really was.

Just like "Oh jeez, man. Well, now what am I gonna do about this? Hm... Uh."

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