Library Mutant

I was really popular at some point. I really don't know what I was famous for, But the crowd loved me!

I was in some small library I remembered. It was where me and an ex of mine went on our first date down in Seattle. It was a cramped little shithole of a red wood library.

For as shitty as the place was, it was still cozy, and it leaves a bitter sweet memory. I'd like to go there again, and actually read or buy a book sometime.

In the crowd, I started to hear someone call out for me. They were hollering my name left and right through all the paparazi camera flashes and what not.

They were actually starting to piss me off, so I started to move through the crowd, with my girlfriend at the time, by my side.

And I just started pushing everyone aside, to meet whoever was yelling my name, face to face.

When I met them, I just froze up in fear. I could feel that sharp pins and needles feeling from a cold sweat on my face.

She was almost human. She was very alien however. She had this wretched dark caved in mouth with teeth or tendrils I could barely make out.

She wore a black turtleneck, a nice skirt, some short black boots. Looked like what a different ex of mine used to wear. And she had a light brown bob haircut.

The thing that really sent chills up my spine, was the fact that she had these stag beetle like pincers coming out the side of her mouth, and solid "bags"

of something black coming out of her eyes. It was so vivid. It had pores and bumps on it. I dont know what it was. Pus or tar maybe?

It was also one of those moments where your dream is kind of like a movie. You see it from the perspective of a seperate camera.

When I saw her, the camera was doing these moving zoom in dutch angle shots. Kind of like a lot of old goosebumps episodes.

I felt like I was staring at her in shock for a good long time, but she was actually surprisingly polite, and asked for me to please ignore her looks.

She asked for me to autograph a book of hers, maybe something I wrote, and life went on. Something irked me though. That I wasn't able

to get past her looks after the whole interaction. I felt a little bad.

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