House Sitting

A friend of mine said I could get some money by housesitting his big ass house for like a week. I took the deal immediately, and it was no biggie. The only real chores I had to do was

Take care of his dogs. Other than that, I just remember playing a bunch of NES games in his half basement half bedroom. It was strange. Over the course of the entire week,

I noticed there was something off, every proceeding day. I'd wake up, do my thing, and notice small details about the house that didn't make sense. Like, "I swore I turned those

lights off before I went to sleep." or "Why would I put that remote there?". I am a fairly superstitious person, but even I was hard pressed to believe there was a ghost in the house,

coincidentally right as my friend left. So the next thing that came to mind, is it the dogs? No, of course not. And the next, am I really alone in this house?

The house is pretty big, so searching every room is a bit of a task. But besides that, the fear started to set in. The idea, that someone might be in the house with me all along, and

only acting up when I'm vunerable in my sleep. There was a disconnect between wanting to find out if I'm right, and getting the fuck out of there. I was conflicted, and I wasn't thinking

properly. But I end up picking probably the worst option, which was just going to sleep again, and seeing if something changes one last time.

So I slept, woke up, and lo and behold, a small tree in the backyard was missing.

So now I'm thinking, okay, that's all the evidence I need, there's definitely some kind of intruder living in the house with me. I have no idea what or who they are, or why they would rip a

fucken' tree out of the ground, but there's something in here with me. I grab the best knife in the kitchen, and start locking all the doors, So now, he's either stuck in the house with me,

or stuck outside. One of the last rooms I locked, was this kind of room behind the patio, made with glass walls. As I lock the door, I shit my pants as I hear some kind of growl or moan.

It was something angry, something irritated. I shit myself, because I can't tell where it's coming from, audio wise, because of the glass walls. I looked all around, and couldn't

see anything moving either. So I was on edge, sweating bullets and shitting my pants. The dogs aren't even making any noise. Somehow it also got dark and stormy by now too, even though

I woke up not too long ago. As I'm looking all around, I notice something finally move out of the patio. I woke up very shortly after this, so I don't remember it exactly, but I think

it was a very tall hunched over slightly emaciated, white haired old man. He was coming towards my room, in a way that looked like someone stumbling, and also slightly as if he was

a gorilla moving. I woke up in a cold sweat before anything else happened.

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