Fast Food Job

This one's a little hazy, I was a bit too slow to write it down, and it blurred into my other dream that same night (the House Sitting one)

The whole dream kind of looked like Clerks 2. I was at some cartoony bright yellow and blue burger joint. It wasn't very big, and it looked more like a school

classroom, than a fast food restaurant. I got a job there, so I put on my uniform, and stood next to my coworker at the cash register. He was pretty chill. He said

all I really had to do, was take peoples orders. Easy enough, people start coming in, I take their orders, give it to my coworker (Can't remember there being a kitchen

or a cook. Food just came out of existence, idk.) Done. At one point though, I was starting to get tired, and I think a customer might've been teasing me?

They started testing me by saying shit like "Oh, I guess all your skill will fade away now, huh?". I'm a fairly competitive person, so when someone says something like that to me,

even if I don't like what I'm doing, I'm gonna try my best just to prove them wrong. So I got a burst of adrenaline, speedrun the next 2 customers orders, and then came the 3rd guy.

Oh my fucking god. I hated this man.

He had an entire novel of items to order, with very specific instructions, and double backed and changed some multiple times. It was so bad, I couldn't keep track of it all.

I was getting extremely tired and frustrated, and the whole restaurant was watching me in anticipation, so the stress was on. Something happened in between, but I think i might've gotten

fired on the spot? Something like that led to me exploding, ripping off my work clothes, and immediately running at and dropkicking this guy. There was thematic music playing, it was like

a real ass wrestling bit. I did an elbow drop, some Irish whips, and at the very end, I took one of the half classroom half fast food tables, turned it upside down, and piledrived it onto

his fucken' head. It was pretty awesome. That's pretty much all I remember. I think after that, I was jobless again, obviously, so then it faded into me getting another job in my

House Sitting dream

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