Camcorder Possesion

I don't think I existed as anything. I was a camcorder itself. Or maybe I was holding the camcorder. I could tell the camera wasn't on a tripod. It was pretty still, but just enough shake to tell someone was holding it.

The quality looked sharp, but washed and grainy. Very 90's. There were white camera borders, and the recording symbol too. It looked a lot like that game Manhunt, if you've ever seen that.

There was no noise. Just a little static/white noise. Other than that, it was silent. All I was doing was just filming this asian girl I've never seen before.

She had her hair up in a slightly messy bun, and was wearing a greyish V-neck. She had a small beauty mark to the side of her mouth, and had a very faint resting smile.

I was just filming her, up against a white wall, staring at me. It went on for a long time. Suddenly, her right eye (my left) eventually started twitching or moving.

It started rolling to the back of her head, sometimes twitchingly, sometimes orgasmically slowly. Her other eye, started to change color, slowly turning dark grey.

It felt like my camcorder was extremely slowly getting closer to her. I couldn't see it happening, but just eventually it felt like she was closer than before, and she never moved.

The lights also barely seemed to get a little darker, and the grain/static/sharpness was getting a lil stronger.

Throughout all of this, she never changed her face or position once. I can't explain it.

It felt like things were going very slow, yet at the same time it happened in a flash. Crazy how dreams, or nightmares in this case, can fuck with your perception of time like that. It's such an unearthly feeling.

At some point, I jumped awake in a cold sweat. I felt a very sharp pain in my heart. It was terrifying honestly. I'm used to scary dreams. A lot of mine have disturbing aspects, but something about this one

really fucked me up. I'm not sure why. Even before things got dark, and her eyes got freaky, just her staring at me was very disturbing. Like I was watching some cursed tape.

Something about it felt like either she or I was being possesed. By what? IDK.

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