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I like the livestreaming idea more and more. I think blogposts about videogames is kind of inferior to just streaming it.
I don't want to be bootleg vinesauce perse, but if streaming games sounds like fun, why not? It's worth a shot, and I don't think there's many
streaming sites on neocities. I could also include live streaming as a facet for all our chat topics. So streaming art, music, film/tv, etc.
I'm not sure how that would pan out. I wish I could ask for thoughts, opinions, and feedback, but it's still just me figuring this out.
I think that'd also just be neat, to check some rando site on neocities, then BAM, a livestream with an active chat right in your face.
Oh and how I would love to have necrocities viewers try one-off streams. What an exciting and strange way to meet people.

Something I haven't mentioned is if I could realistically code it. I learned my forum idea was way higher in difficulty than I know.
I could easily embed Twitch or Dlive onto my site... But man that's fucken' lame. I wanna play music and have complete freedom over my stream.
There is apparently some kind of convoluted way to stream to my site with OBS and something else. From what I've read, it sounds do-able.
Hard, but do-able, and very rewarding so long as Necrocities doesn't stay a ghost town forever. I might as well try.
Then, I could also finally summarize Necrocities much clearer. "A group of streamers and chatters, covering a variety of subjects from
games, to music, to art, and film, etc." I'd have to really spread this around. No way anyone in neocities would try it out, everyone here's too shy.
That leaves us with where "Diary" and "Dreams" would go. Well, Diary will probably start over as announcements, and Dreams... Hm...
It might have to wait until Necrocities becomes more social. I should really just refine this stream site idea, then
Start making additions as we grow. So Dreams might be inacessible for a while. The focus will be streaming, and no longer sharing about myself.
In fact if I'm simplifying Necrocities scope, maybe I'll just start out as solely a game streaming site. Then we pick up in variety in ideas and
topics as we get bigger. Streaming is just so lame now. I want to change that. I want to go back to classic private stream site culture.
I hate "e-celebs" and garbage modern game trends. I hate this forceful silence of what you can and can't say. These stupid streaming rules.
I want a fun stream and community, with people who say and do whatever they want. People who are chill yet not dull. People with a fun
and eclectic/weird taste in anything. I want to try and make this a thing. I really want it to work.


I think I need to simplify the scope of necrocities. Part of the problem, is it's still in it's conceptual stages.
The site has around like 7,400 views, and not even 1/4th of visitors have tried out any features (Which as of rn, is just 3 things to be fair).
Part of the culprit is there isn't much to do, and the whole motive isn't really clear. People don't get the whole idea behind necrocities,
because even I don't entirely either. I know that I want user involvment, and to create a small corner of the internet to hangout and talk about
art, games, music, movies, dreams, life... Anything, really. So kind of like a forum, just weirder, and more things to do than just chatting.
So why comment here, and not some other forum that has more traction, and is much more fleshed out? Well I'm still figuring that out. But I think
potentially, there are people out there like me, who want to join a small community. Something a bit more personal. Something where some users/names
are regulars and have a history, or you frequent as an anonymous lurker. Not to mention, as things pickup, I'd love to increase variety/interactivity,
maybe with things like livestreaming, voicechat, playing games together, art/music contests, etc. See why the scope is so fucked? I got too many ideas!
So how do I get to that level from here? Again, still thinking on it, but I've got a few things to keep in mind for the future.

For factor #1, a stronger theme.
Necrocities is visually a lil all over the place, cuz it's just random fragments of visuals I like (Another remnant of it being a personal diary site).
I think I'll try focusing more on the black, pink, and purple heart themes. Maybe keep some skulls and gothic catholic looks. That means re-working some
pages, or just culling some completely. I should keep in mind to not make anything TOO brooding. As much as I love dark thematics, I think I can find the
right balance of humility, unique, and gothic, to intrigue and invite people. If I lean to far on either side, it's either too edgy, or too neutered and
not very VINCENT! I need something that sticks in your mind. I want that avant garde cool nature of adult swim. That "Fuck you, we do what we want"
rockstar attitude.

Factor #2, more ways to interract.
Not only do I need more ways to involve users, I also need to make it easier for visitors to interract. For example, the process for uploading art to the
art page rn, is finishing a drawing in Tegaki, saving the image, and then emailing it to me. Even if I had a booru, it'd essentially be the same amount of
steps, no? If I could code it so that when you press finish on Tegaki, it immediately opens an email form with the drawing attached, so that all you have to
do is press send, that'd be much more appealing, and I think people would be less reluctant to try it out. Dialing back to the first part though, obviously I
need more involvment than just commenting on the vidya blog, chatting in chatango, and uploading art. Linking/uploading personal music and reccomendations,
sharing your own dreams are some ideas to keep in mind. Also the most obvious: Just make it more forum-like, and include with each tab (Art, music, dreams),
a thread system. People can start threads, and talk with each other, yada yada you know the deal. I think this makes a lot of sense, I'm not sure what about
it doesn't sit right with me, but I'll keep it in the back of my mind. Clearly, it's unlikely people will talk about anything in the mainpage chatango.
Which leads to my next point.

Factor #3, context.
I thought because chatango would be right in your face as soon as you enter the site, people would be inclined to chat. The problem is, it's just kind of vague.
No one knows what to talk about. That's why the threads and forum idea makes sense to me. I like the idea of a general chatango, I don't want to remove it.
But I think it's maybe too early to have it. No one's particularly invested in the site enough to use it. I'll leave it for now, and focus on improving the
site with all the previous factors. But for the last factor:

Factor #4, should it really be ANYTHING like a diary site?
As much as I want to put myself out there, maybe it's a bit much. I'm trying to make it half personal website, half forum, and I see more and more conflicting
problems. I can still upload art and gamestuff, but maybe dreams and "diary" go a bit far. It actually comes off as a little selfish accidentally, seeming
like I expected people to talk about MY life. Not my intention. Although, if I cut off all posting on my end, then there'd be no traction at all. I gotta be
the one to get the ball rolling, and once things pick up, I can kick my feet up a bit more.

TLDR; Stronger theme, more things to do, comment box/threads for all topics, slightly less diary-ish, make the goal behind necrocities clearer,
all that coming soon, ok i tired i go bed now bye by ttyl get fucked.


Here's a pizza I made. Looks pretty doesn't it, go fuck yourself.


Good news, the Tegaki page works now! Real headscratcher for a moment there.
Now for the bad news: I inititally thought booru hosting was taken down a while ago and I must've never heard about it.
But no, it coincidentally got shut down like a day or two before I got the idea to make a new one. Just my luck. The message
left on the forum, was that they don't know when it'll be open again. So at least that implies it's not gone for good, right?
So that sucks, it'd be perfect for my site visitor/doodle board idea. I guess for now, I could just ask people to send any
doodles to my email, and I could make my own makeshift booru design. Not sure if it'd be worth it, it isn't very intuitive anyway,
so who knows if anyone would send anything. Oh well, it might be a good learning experience anyway.

Realistically, I probably won't because with my luck, I just KNOW that I'm finally gonna get it up and running, and maybe 2 days afterwards
boorus are gonna be back up, and it'd be all for nothin'. I'll just upload my own art 'till then.


I've been eating ramen cups microwaved my whole life, and I only just realized it says on the fucken'
cup "DON'T MICROWAVE". As if I wasn't already at high risk of cancer, damn. C'est la vie.
Have a snow(wo)man I built, get fucked.


So, plans for necrocities? I wanted to add a vidya page, and thought further about what I want on the art page.
One thing I definitely know I want for the art page, is just a collection of drawings/paintings/doodles from myself,
no brainer there. But something else that came to mind after a convo with someone over email: Wouldn't it be neat to
have a kind of drawing application embeded into the site? Like Tegaki on /i/, if any of you have ever visited the art
board on 4chan. So any site visitor could draw anything, a dick drawing, a shitty doodle, whatever. Then if I found a
way to make a booru, I could host a collection of all sorts of doodles/drawings from visitors to necrocities. I think
that'd be great, except there's a few problems. 1. I don't know how easy it'd be for me to implement Tegaki, and 2. I
have 0 idea how I'm supposed to make a booru anymore! If anyone can help, or just inform me how to make one, I'd be
more than happy to even pay for commission. Email me via the email button on my mainpage!

Anyway, as for the vidya page, I don't want to make blog posts about games I'm creating. The reasons why, are stated
in the last diary entry. I figure maybe I could make blogposts of playthroughs from games, specifically, ones where I
could involve necrocities visitors. My first idea, was a Dwarf Fortress playthrough, where I can name all the dwarves
after necrocities visitors. Maybe make a small "guestbook" where people can drop their name and what they want for their
dwarf? And through chatango on mainpage, or that same guestbook, maybe a comment system on my posts: People can suggest
ideas for the Fortress, or what to do next. That, or something like a MC server? Who knows, the possibilities are endless.
But a trend I'm noticing throughout all my ideas for necrocities, is I'm interested in the idea of building community, or
making any kind of connection. I don't like big crowds, but times like early Vinesauce, where there was a small group of
people you could chat and do just about anything with; I love that. I'd love to recreate that. I'm sure there's others
out there who feel the same way. Necrocities, is going through a strange limbo of personal diary / "community website"??
but I like it. It's a strange idea, and I'm still figuring it out, but it's fun. And I hope at some point, my hard work
will payoff, and more traction will come through.


Something I've thought about for a while, and have recently piqued interest in again after a trip to sickrooms;
Is "parasocial relationships", and how it potentially relates to me, myself, and my webpage.
Obviously, this applies to much more than just me. Freakishly, almost all of the world these days, considering how much we've
been absorbed by the digital world. There's not much of a distinct line anymore. Whatever fantasies manifest online, can manifest
in the physical world just as easily. Certain artists have played with this concept, maybe unintentionally, such as Kikiyama.
You know how they say, let art speak for itself? I do think a creator's presence is much more important than what most might think.

Whatever mystique there once was for a piece, could be not tarnished exactly, but warped, when you see the mundane and reality of the creator.
Art pieces can be these angelic, metaphysical works without that intrusion. That's why stalkers get obssesions with certain artists
who are very private. What they make, and what they do, can feel almost otherworldly. To clarify, not every piece of work needs to
be this, obviously. Quentin Tarantino is a great example. What he makes, is fun. It's transparent, and to the point. Death grips, is
an example on the other side of the spectrum. They've toyed with the concept, and poked fun at those who obsess with the members of DG,
and all their potentially boring trivia, as opposed to enjoying this dreamspace the work lies in. So where do I lie exactly?

Well, I'm not sure. I do care deeply about the mystique and making connections without words, but I also care about making standard connections.
I want both, and I want it perfect. They say you can't have your cake AND eat it, but we live in a blurry digital age. I can be 10 different people.
Another thing to clarify, I don't mean catfishing or lying. Everything I make and show, is absolutely 100% me. But my intention, is this specific
creation, i.e, necrocities, is transparent. My other creations under different personas, will or will not be. This is completely hidden from whatever work
I do in the future, for some time at least. When I make games, music, clothes, movies, depending on the project, I can make them with different
aliases and intentions. No one can link them together, if I do well at hiding details. Maybe I'll get found out if some loser nerd does his research,
or I'll drop all the effort and come clean. Either way, I find this a really interesting idea. Funny enough, it probably seems more lame
the fact that I'm explaining it so openly like this. But like I said before, the point of necrocities, is to stay hidden from my other works,
and also have an outlet where I can be 90% honest about my life, and talk/make connections with strangers on the internet. The other 10% is me not talking
about my other works, etc. In a sense, this still has mystique. If you, the reader care any amount, now you might be wondering if you've consumed something
I've created before, or if you know me. You won't find out yet... Unless you already have. And if you have, please don't spread it! I'll do it when the times right.

But the idea, is necrocities is here for Vincent Valdez to not impose too much of my personal self/life on certain projects that I care about staying strange.
Strange concept, huh? Either way, I'm here to make connections, so, I've made an email just for private contact. I figure, chatango is open for every passerby to see.
Maybe you want to leave a one-on-one message? A longer convo? Email me here, and there's also a button on the hub.
Lastly, thank you for reading all this, if you got this far. It means a lot to me, I'm not exactly sure why. I might come off as EXTREMELY privy, but as any relationship,
I will open up more than you think, if we become close enough. I'm no perfect robot, as much I want this to orchestra to play out precisely.


Realized I didn't have a favicon, so I added one, albeit in the most bootleg ghetto fabulous way, probably.
I don't have much of an icon for this website per se, but going back to dannarchy's website, I realized he made an old
blinker/bumper for me. It's on the hubpage. It's just black, with the flaming purple skull and "necrocities" in times
new roman. I quite liked that, so I think I'm gonna ride that out. Black and purple, a good color scheme. And in case you
haven't figured out by now, purple is my favorite color. Anyway, I read you can just upload a "favicon.ico" to your root
folder, and your website should automatically use it. It didn't work, so after lots of diddling, I just ended up
uploading the image to imgur, then using: link rel="shortcut icon" href="https://i.imgur.com/kztEM8i.png" type="image/x-icon".
Probably gonna run into a problem eventually, but whatever, it works for now.


I make such a good pizza now, holy shit. I amaze myself how I can love and hate myself so much at the same time.
Maybe I'll upload a pic of one of my neapolitan pizzas sometimes, IDK.


Sucks that this is my first diary entry, but fuck it, shit happens.
Rest in peace, SOPHIE. You were one of the greats that changed what I thought pop music could be.
In fun memory...

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