Necrocities, is a website for hanging out, and chatting with likeminded individuals.

We also have activities to partake in, such as sharing art, and playing games.
Chat topics range from art, dreams, music, movies, games, to life, etc. Necrocities should be less like typing on the internet, and more like hanging out with friends. We're constantly evolving, and are finding more new ways to interract, such as livestreaming, dream sharing, music sharing, art contests, etc.

Necrocities is a laid back environment, where you can do and say whatever the fuck you want. So while there are no direct rules for chatting/behavior, there are a loose set of morals to follow so that Necrocities doesn't become a shitty cesspool:

1. Be respectful. If something you're saying is clearly bothering someone, you gotta know when to fold. Some jokes aren't worth the conflict.

2. No blatant, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. Yes, Necrocities is all for free speech. And yes, we may make some awful jokes every now and then. But please don't make this an unwelcoming pain in the ass for me or other users!

3. No real gore, porno, or general extreme images in chat and art. Keep Necrocities fairly SFW. Extreme violence and light nudity/erotic themes are allowed if it's a drawing. Even then, consider it in moderation! You know where to draw the line.

4. No spam, attention whoring, RP, or acting stupid for quick laughs / starting a shitstorm. This includes incessant use of memes, or shitty Twitch lingo. We speak human here on Necrocities.

5. Don't post serious personal information, or bring up any kind of drama. Including adresses, self harm, etc.

6. Easy on the politics. There are many OTHER places to discuss politics!

And the most important necrocities rule...
7. It's usually okay if it's funny! Have fun heehee :)

Necrocities is still very much in development, so I thank you for your patience in the absence of certain features. If you have any recommendations for additions or changes, please let me know via email! (thevincentexperiencebb@gmail.com)

Vincent, the webmaster

A laidback stinky Spanish Italian, who just wants to make some damn Nepolitan pizzas. Creator of Necrocities.

I love drawing, playing retro games, and listening to a whole fuckton of music from psychedelic rock, to IDM, to PC music. I'd love to chat! You can talk with me in the mainpage's chatango, or contact by email (thevincentexperiencebb@gmail.com). Be warned, I might not answer immediately, I'm usually busy standing in my bathroom with the lights off until I freak out.

Likes: Demons, Boxy 70's-90's Hatchback cars, Early 3D graphics, Nicolas Cage, and Squirt (The soda you fucking degenerate).

Disikes: MOBAS, Elves, and whatever you like :)


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