Necrocities is a small site focused on streaming,
while giving the opportunity to chat, and make a small community.

Not using twitch, we can say and stream whatever content we'd like. (So long as the site stays under the radar) There's more ideas for the future to find new ways to interract, such as movie nights, art showcase, music sharing, etc.

Necrocities is a laid back environment, but there are a few rules for chatting/behavior so that Necrocities doesn't take a turn for the worst:

1. Don't be an asshole. At least try not to be annoying and intrusive.

2. No real gore, porn, etc. NSFW is fine for humor, art, etc, but keep in mind this isn't a porn or shock site.

3. No spam, RP, parroting, etc. This includes incessant use of memes, Twitch/Reddit lingo, etc. Try to have an actual conversation.

4. Don't post serious personal info, or stir drama. Including adresses, self harm, etc.

5. Easy on the politics. There's many other places to discuss, if you're getting heated.

If you break any of these rules, then pls make it funny ;/

Necrocities is still in development, so I thank you for your patience in the absence of certain features or technical difficulties. If you have any recommendations for additions or changes, let me know via email! (thevincentexperiencebb@gmail.com)

Vincent, the webmaster

Laidback Spanish fuck who just wants some damn Neapolitan pizzas.
Creator of Necrocities.

I love drawing, playing weird, shitty, or retro games, and listening to tons of music. I'd love to chat! You can talk with me in the chatango, or contact by email. I might not answer immediately, I'm either still learning webdev,
or very busy jaggin' off.